Fount of Grace Creatives is glad to inform that FIRED UP! is now a #1 international bestseller!

In FIRED UP, 10 thought leaders, visionaries, and changemakers shared their breakthrough stories and actionable roadmaps (And how to use them to accelerate your growth).

 A transformational story from our authors is shared in each chapter to help readers expand their vision, increase their breakthroughs, and rise to a new level.  

The book is full of inspiring and uplifting stories from a diverse range of voices, offering the readers inspiration, insight and wisdom. 

Please click on the button to grab your copy. READ AND HAVE FUN! 


The proceeds from the sales of Fired Up! will be donated to an NGO, SAMADHAN (meaning 'solution' in Hindi) which has a dual focus on persons with intellectual disability also impacted by poverty.. It works with children and women..


Poverty brings together a heterogeneous mix of families surviving on daily wages and caught in the vicious cycle of lack of education, unemployment, malnutrition and consequent ill health. This situation coupled with paucity of services, are the main contributors to a disproportionately large number of intellectually disabled persons in low-income communities. SAMADHAN, a registered non-profit organization set up in 1981 in New Delhi, India, has as its dual purpose the betterment of these disregarded communities, specifically children with intellectual disability and their mothers. SAMADHAN’s philosophy is that all persons with intellectual disability can be helped, if appropriate and timely services are available. Over the years, it has effectively transferred this philosophy into action and developed a viable model of service delivery linking services for the intellectually disabled, with the needs of their mothers and of the women in the community, using locally available resources and materials.



Fired Up is a must-read primer for any woman considering starting a business… Read this book and learn from inspiring everyday businesswomen who are juggling multiple priorities and doing their best to make an impact.

Anne Ryan
Business Mentor and Money Coach

Rebecca Vijay has created magic!

For this book, the women she brought together are motivational, authentic, and inspire you to take immediate action. Fired Up lives up to its name in that you will leave each chapter feeling like you have been ignited and can finally step into your full power.

Ryleigh Klimenko
Business Sales Coach

Fired up! is a must-read for women business owners. It's equal parts inspiring and motivating to read the stories of successful women who overcame trials that could have held them back. Then as if that was not enough, there are practical tips and step by step action items to achieve business goals, financial freedom, create an unforgettable brand and more. I highly recommend that all aspiring and current women business owners read this book. It's also a great gift for clients.

Stephanie Treasure
Online Marketing Strategist and Business Mentor


Rebecca Grace Vijay
Founder and CEO, Fount of Grace Creatives  

Rebecca Grace Vijay is the Founder and CEO of Fount of Grace Creatives. She is an International Bestselling Author and contributes to Thrive Global, the Good Men Project, Momspresso and Raising World Children. She has been in communications and publishing since the early 2000s and worked with Oxford University Press for almost eight years.

She started self-publishing in 2017 and now helps impact-driven changemakers and visionaries share their stories by writing and publishing their books so that they can make a bigger impact and create a ripple effect.  

Through her first book, My Angel in Heaven, Rebecca shared her journey through the grief and despair at the death of her 3-day-old firstborn twin son and how she found comfort and hope in GOD. She supports bereaved parents going through infant loss and helps them write about their children and their journeys.

Rebecca lives in New Delhi, India with her husband and two children. She loves to read, bake and travel. 



Wendy Björk

The Empress of MS™

Shares her secrets of not settling in spite of multiple sclerosis (MS).

She is the Founder of Hearts of Wellness. Living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for over 35 years, she has developed --- learn more...

Maryam AlHebsi

United Nations Ambassador, Cultural Diplomacy

She shares how she balances her personal and professional lives.

She is the Founder and CEO of SUNFLOWER Digital Marketing Company. She is an ambassador of  --- learn more...

Fule Chi B

Business and Finance Coach

She shares how she overcame her limiting beliefs and found her purpose.

She is the Founder & CEO of Legatsy Coaching & Consulting Ltd. where she inspires and supports people to turn their passion into profitable businesses,  --- learn more...

Evangelist Angie Bee

Author and Entrepreneur

She shares how she uses her gifts and talents to encourage others.

She preaches, speaks and serves the Lord with Gladness. Currently, she serves as an entrepreneur, --- learn more...

Kassandra G Lennox

Mindset and Self-care Mentor

She shares how she has freed her mind, heart and life of trauma.

She is the CEO of Lennox Management LLC offers guidance and hope to those who have struggled with --- learn more...

Laura Masters

Intentional Vision and Life Coach

She shares how visions and intentions are the foundation for change.

She is the founder and CEO of Masters Learning, as well as a partner in AbunDance Enterprise, --- learn more...

Mona AlHebsi

Your Success Coach

She shares the career tale of a courageous girl.

She is  is Multi Award-Winning Hospitality HR Expert, Success Coach, Renowned Author and Speaker. She has recently been --- learn more...

Yaminah Yisrael

Heart-centered Transformation Coach

She shares how she is unfolding dreams to transforming lives.

She is is a Heart-centered Transformational Coach and the Broker/Owner of Yaminah Yisrael Realty. Over the past 20 years, she has helped many buyers --- learn more...

Loretha Simon

Trauma and Survivor Coach

She shares how she overcame her guilt and shame as a survivor.

She is a graduate of International Seminary with a diploma in Practical Theology. She is currently pursuing an Advanced Diploma in Practical Theology II. --- learn more...



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