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I am Rebecca Vijay, 3X Amazon bestselling author and the Founder and CEO of Fount of Grace Creatives (FoGC).

My publishing house FoGC is creating full-service publishing & networking experiences for busy entrepreneurs and business owners. This includes a multi-author bestseller, supportive community, author events and virtual summit.

Our mission is to amplify the breakthrough stories of thought leaders, creators and visionaries and help reimagine and create a change in the world.

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Fount of Grace Creatives 
the transformational anthology

25 thought leaders, visionaries and changemakers 
share their breakthrough stories and actionable roadmaps
(And how to use them to accelerate your growth) 

Join the Fired Up! Author Community &
Participate in this Full-Service Publishing and Networking Experience

The three pillars of this experience are:
Bestseller | Community | Virtual Events 

Together we will share our transformational stories to help readers expand their vision, achieve their breakthroughs, and rise to a new level

We will take care of the book production, arranging and managing the events, connecting the authors and readers, bestseller launch, virtual summit.. 

Write your story and publish the book at a fraction of the cost of a full book and shorter time frame

Connect and network with the author team and build connections to accelerate your business growth

Become an international bestselling author and enhance your authority, credibility and visibility

Speak at the virtual Fired Up! summit and share your message with people from around the world (VIP)

* Write a 3000-words chapter and your author bio
* Join the community zoom calls, share your wins and challenges, and grow your network
* Participate whole-heartedly in this full-service publishing and networking experience
* Become an international bestselling author
* Make a difference in many lives by showing the path you've tread and help them expand their vision and find a way out
* Accelerate and catapult your business by selling your higher end offers, courses, programs, services etc


USD $1000

Includes the following:

  • Production costs (editing, formatting, cover etc)
  • Bestseller launch
  • Connect with amazing co-authors and network
  • Author events and media features

Proceeds from the book sales will go to a charity decided by the authors collectively 


USD $2000

Limited spots. Inclusions of Silver program, plus the following:

  • Name on the book cover
  • Slot in the Fired Up! virtual summit
  • Become a referral partner
  • Get $1000 off your own book project with us

Proceeds from the book sales will go to a charity decided by all the authors collectively

Do you want to book a call?

Find out if this multi-author book collaboration is the best fit for you and your business

Rebecca Vijay

Founder and CEO, Fount of Grace Creatives

Rebecca is the Founder and CEO of Fount of Grace Creatives. She is an 3x Amazon bestselling author and contributes to Thrive Global, the Good Men Project, Momspresso and Raising World Children. She worked with Oxford University Press (OUP) for almost 8  years and is into self publishing since more than 5 years.

She provides full-service publishing and networking experiences to amplify breakthrough stories of heart-centered thought leaders, catalysts and visionaries.

Having lost her 3-day-old firstborn twin son, she also supports bereaved parents going through infant loss.

Rebecca lives in New Delhi, India with her husband and two children. She loves to read, bake and travel. 

Elizabeth Mathew 

Author, Firefly (CMAI)

I am grateful to Rebecca for helping me with the compiling of my book – ‘Firefly’, my testimony about the life of my beloved missionary son, Dr Shane. When the idea of this book came to my mind, I was not sure how to take it forward or to whom to approach but through Rebecca, I could not only accomplish production of the book, but she also graciously helped me in my grief journey, by walking that extra mile. It was because of her effort and support in each step that I could publish the book in such a short time.

Dr Kirti Dutta

Author, Brand Management, Services Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communications (OUP)

Rebecca is a professional par excellence. Her work ethics and high academic standards are her strengths. Do not be taken in by her soft demeanour as she can make you burn the midnight oil to achieve the deadlines. Value her academic inputs which have always enriched my work. Can never thank her enough for the painstaking effort she has put in to invisibly guide the books she edited.

G Raghubalan

Author, Hotel Housekeeping: Operations  and Management (OUP)

I have worked closely with Rebecca during her stint with Oxford University Press (India), when I had co-authored the book 'Hotel Housekeeping: Operations  and Management'. Her professionalism, follow-up, keen eye for detail along with her pleasant disposition played a key role in ensuring the book turning out to be a successful bestseller, till date. 

Nelson David

Pastor, Book in progress

I know Rebecca Vijay as a book author, Founder - Fount of Grace Creatives, Blog Writer, Writing Buddies WhatsApp group Creator and more. When it comes to Book Writing, she has a passion to write and also inspire anyone by pursuing them. Her desire is to see everyone write at least one book in their lifetime. When she came to know that I have a desire to write books, she guided me with articles and e-books on "How to write and publish books?" She is busy with her family, business and Church activities. But she always has time for those who are really working on a book.

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