Everyone has a story to tell
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Rebecca Vijay

Author | Publisher | Freelance Journalist | Speaker

We are currently onboarding authors
for our upcoming book collaboration
in our international bestselling Fired Up anthology series


Are you ready to....
🔥 Magnify your voice
🔥 Share your story on a GLOBAL scale to inspire other aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs
🔥 Ignite the vision of women to help them overcome the big obstacles you did
🔥 Support women in shaping brighter futures for their families and future generations?

Here are 3 reasons why joining the third book in our international bestselling Fired Up series of transformational anthologies is a no-brainer opportunity:
1) You'll share your life-changing story using our super simple templates and we will take care of the rest (editing, layout, cover design, publishing, marketing, promotion, bestseller launch and much more)
2) We'll show you ways to make your investment back during our marketing strategy sessions
3) You'll become known as an expert (and PUBLISHED AUTHOR) and a part of our supportive community of women achievers which will open doors to next level opportunities like speaking gigs, interviews, collaborations, media and much much more...

🔥 Are you ready and Fired Up to share your inspiring story and message to make a meaningful impact and inspire aspiring entrepreneurs?

Hurry 🏃‍♀️ we are closing registrations for author intake on February 29 and only have 11 spots left!

Do you want to know which tier is more suited for you and the current stage of your business?  

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